What an amazing time to be a Star Wars fan! We have more Star Wars than we know what to do with! How will we figure out what to discuss? We’ll figure it out…we’ll use the Force to set this year’s schedule. We’ll definitely be discussing The Force Awakens, Rogue One, Rebels, all of the awesome new toys, comics, books, Legends, canon, wild theories, etc.

Rest assured, we’ll have your favorites like The Last Party on Alderaan and the Suits, Sinatra, and Star Wars party, Shakespeare, costuming, SuperFan’s trivia contest, and our podrace for the younglings. Come mando, sith, jedi, trooper, First Order, imperial, Snoke, rebel, or member of the Resistance. If it’s Star Wars, you know we’ll be talking about it. And you can tell that to Kanjiklub.

As always, you can email us at swatdc@dragoncon.org, or find us online to discuss, pitch panel ideas, or volunteer to help out!