Meet the Staff

leia braidsDirector–Brandy Roatsey knows she’s the luckiest fan on the planet because she gets to run Dragon Con’s Star Wars programming…especially with all of the new Star Wars! An attorney working healthcare compliance by day, she dreams of one day securing a permanent job working for Dragon Con or Lucasfilm (or something similar where she can talk Star Wars every day). SWatDC has enabled her to meet so many wonderful people, especially the 501st, Mandos, and Rebel Legion, whom she loves partnering with to host Saber School craft days and toy drives for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

A Star Wars fan for as long as she can remember, her favorite characters are Rey, Darth Vader, and the love of her life, Han Solo. She is a massive Han-Leia fangirl and is not afraid to argue that they are one of the most iconic couples in cinematic history. She runs the SWatDC Twitter and loves to talk to the massive multi-fandom base that’s brought together by Dragon Con. Her other fandoms include: Harry Potter, BSG, GWTW, all things science, and pop-culture.

Dragon Con Meeting4Assistant Director–Paula Rosenberg finally decided that volunteering at Star Wars Celebrations was no longer enough to satisfy her fandom needs. So, after thirteen years as an attendee, she decided to take the plunge and join all of her friends volunteering for Dragon Con.

Paula has been in Star Wars fandom since 1977. Her parents had heard that Star Wars was “violent” and didn’t want her to see it, but after smuggling her hard-earned chore money to her best friend, she obtained a secret copy of the gold-covered ANH novelization that she read so often it fell apart. She became instantly devoted. When a fateful maternal closet cleaning revealed her secret, her parents relented, letting her take her next step into a larger world.

When not protecting the world from infectious diseases as a public health advisor, Paula can be found online under her fandom name @Rosiewook, prattling on about her love for The Farmboy and the Star Wars books. She also enjoys quilting, attempting to finally sew things that resemble actual clothes, and helping with Golden Retriever rescue.



Daniel Eisenhauer has officially joined the SWatDC Crew after volunteering unofficially since he was 13. He is responsible for the Star Wars Trivia Contest and, despite not being a member of the 501st, he still occasionally puts on armor and follows them around. Although Star Wars is his primary fandom, he also loves Star Trek and a wide variety of other science fiction series. Outside of Dragon*Con he is studying marine biology at the University of Chicago. Daniel can be contacted on Twitter @KdaptPreacher, but cannot promise to respond in a timely or coherent manner.


JoyJoy Hatcher became a Star Wars fan when her granddad made her a Millennium Falcon out of an old cigar box, and carried her on his shoulder so it could fly around the universe. Now, all grown up, Joy is an educator and social studies fanatic who constantly spots correlations to history in everything from Wizard of Oz to Resident Evil; Hunger Games to Dr. Seuss, and of course STAR WARS!
Secretly she volunteers for SWatDC so she can get great ideas for new and creative lessons for the classroom. When she isn’t teaching, she pesters friends and family with random information that they never knew they always needed to know, and games of “Would you Rather?” For instance: Would you rather go swimming on Hoth or Mustafar? Would you rather apprentice under Palpatine or Vader? Would you rather be a Storm Trooper or a Clone Trooper? Isn’t this fun?!

Joy’s other fandoms include sports and video games, though her son is her biggest fandom (which can translate to Diablo and Halo marathons). As a huge fan of the post-apocalyptic genre, she is very excited about Rebels, and the Star Wars Universe after the fall of the Empire. She is looking forward to her Star Wars family reunion aka Dragon Con. See you all there, or tweet her @WickedTeacher.

photoBob Pasko is thrilled to be on board with SW@DC. Star Wars has been a passion for Bob since 1977 when his father took him to see the movie opening weekend and he was instantly hooked. His fascination with Darth Vader and the dark side concerned his parents deeply, but he turned out just fine. A few years ago Bob took his passion to a new level when he decided to show his fandom on a more permanent basis, tattooing his left arm with Darth Malgus and his right with Yoda and Captain Rex.

When not obsessing over Star Wars, Bob is a sales operations leader and a devoted father. Bob’s other obsessions involve yoga, trail running, and mountain biking. Find him on twitter: @bobarian.